Back in 2003, Darren Clark started Clark Computer Services (CLARK) out of the trunk of his car. Over the next two decades he partnered with local and area small businesses to build a thriving IT Support business with an ever expanding range of services and locations. That kind of growth required hiring good people who share Darren’s drive to provide a great customer experience while responding to problems quickly and resolving them first time. On this page, you can learn more about Darren and those he trusts to maintain CLARK’s 5-Star reputation

CLARK continues to grow. We started as Clark Computer Services and expanded with our business infrastructure division, Clark Business Technologies, and web development and management team, Clark Website Services. With all of that happening, we’ve made it easy for everyone to find Our Team members by organizing everyone by department.

Just click on the department below to meet our fantastic teams!

Image of Darren Clark with thumb up | Owner and CEO of Clark Computer Services.

Darren Clark

Owner & CEO

I left big business to start Clark Computer Services in 2003; not because I had a grand vision, but because I had three young children who needed their Dad around. Knowing I had to replace my salary, I went door-to-door visiting small businesses to introduce myself and ask if they needed IT support. I heard story after story from business owners and office managers about IT companies not returning calls and emails, grumpy technicians showing up late or not at all, and systems being down for days, weeks, and in some cases…months. I realized quickly that there was a clear and pressing need for reliable, honest, and professional IT support completed pleasantly and on time.

In time, I found similar opportunies in related IT businesses. Expanding into low voltage cabling, I acquired A1 Communications and then expanded our capabilities by acquiring Kipp Visual Systems, Inc. From those acquisitions I formed our infrastructure services division, Clark Business Technologies. While growing that business, I also started growing my inhouse web development team to form Clark Website Services.

This experience created the foundation for CLARK and helped me articulate the vision that has guided me in continually growing and expanding the business.

Image of Darren Clark with thumb up | Owner and CEO of Clark Computer Services.

Darren Clark

Clark Building Technologies

You're not seeing things, in addition to being the Owner and CEO, Darren is also currently serving as President of the newly formed Clark Building Technologies.

As CLARK began to grow, allowing Darren to step away from doing the tech work himself, he was able to focus on growing the business. Beginning with the initial word-of-mouth that comes from providing responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly service, he started acquiring smaller IT companies and then installed a strong marketing campaign.

Year-over-year of consistent growth began to present new opportunities, which included Structured Cabling Services. After acquiring A1 Telecommunications in 2013, new cabling jobs began to pile up, leading to the purchase of Kipp Visual Systems and founding of Clark Building Technologies.

But don't worry, even as Darren builds out this new segment of the business, he is already looking at emerging technologies and new ways to grow.

Ken Smoyer, Director of Infrastructure at Clark Building Technologies

Ken Smoyer

Director of

Thanks to the successful acquisition of A-1 Telecommunications, LLC, we can welcome former owner Ken Smoyer to the Clark Computer Services team. Ken and his business partner Bill started A-1 Telecommunications, LLC under a different name in 1997. Having successfully run his own business for 25 years, Ken is excited to work in a more structured environment offering a variety of services and a larger workforce.

Before owning A-1, Ken started his career as an IBM mainframe tech and slowly built his knowledge to include data communications networking, PBX phone systems, and telecommunications cabling. Having the opportunity to discover customer needs and working to exceed their expectations while providing superior customer service is Ken’s favorite part of working in this industry.

Fun facts about Ken: Between him and his wife, Dawn, Ken has four adult children, one dog, and a couple of cats. In his free time, Ken enjoys driving around in his 1969 Chevelle Convertible and 1939 Ford pickup truck. As you might have guessed, restoring old vehicles is his pastime, though he also loves music and playing his acoustic guitar.

Dean Frail, Senior Security Systems Engineer at Clark Building Technologies

Dean Frail

Senior Security Systems Engineer

Coming soon.

Brian Thrift

Security Systems

Coming soon.

Shane Smoyer, Project Manager and Senior Field Supervisor at Clark Building Technologies

Shane Smoyer

Project Manager
Senior Field Supervisor

In a growing small business, having a versatile administrative assistant is imperative, and CLARK is grateful to have Casie Beam in this role! Previously working as a manager at TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Casie is excited to use her bachelor’s degree in Business Management to help in the administrative side of our at CLARK. She already loves working with the great team we have at CLARK and enjoys the unique challenges presented each day.

In her free time, Casie likes to be outdoors with her four kids and her husband, David, enjoying walks and bike rides while spending her quiet time reading and watching HGTV. The family has four goldfish named Winter, Orange, Drizzle, and Shimmer.

A fun fact about Casie is that she has a twin sister named Amy. Don’t worry about confusing them, though, Casie says they have opposite physical features!

Shyanne Allen, Administrative Project Assistant at Clark Building Technologies

Shyanne Allen

Admin Project Assistant
Office Manager

Meet Shyanne Allen, our Office Manager and Project Administrative Assistant at CLARK. With experience in dispatching for a trucking company and serving as an administrative assistant for an engineering firm, she brings a wealth of skills to her role.

Outside of work, Shyanne enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend and taking leisurely walks. She has a penchant for true crime documentaries and is an avid reader and writer of crime and detective books. At home, Shyanne shares her life with two beloved cats named Simba and Stink Jr.

A fun fact about Shyanne is that she is great with people! She finds it easy to walk into a group of people she doesn’t know and fit in.

Bill Biondo


Alongside acquiring A-1 Telecommunications, CLARK was able to add Mr. Bill Biondo to the team. Bill, one of the previous owners of A-1 Telecommunications, has been in the telephone and telecom industry for 43 years. He chose to branch off and start his own business so he would be able to make his own goals.

A fun fact about Bill is that he likes to be outdoors in his free time. Also, after Bill retires in Spring 2022, he intends to move to Alaska to prospect for gold!

Coming Soon


Head over to the Careers page to apply.

Division: Clark Building Technologies
Reports to:  Darren Clark
Work Type:  Full-Time
Salary Range:  $40k-$70k
Effective Date:  Immediate Opening

Job Summary:

The Commercial Estimator works as part of the sales and engineering teams, primarily in the field, to assist with quotes, orders, and new and existing customer sales. This role is responsible for all non-core pricing data, annual and ad-hoc pricing updates, maintaining standard product install pricing, building and maintaining relationships with supply chain partners, and obtaining the best pricing options to support business growth and profit improvements.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Gather first-hand information from potential work sites
  • Determine key variables for cost and other estimates
  • Research data on relevant labor costs, materials, production times, etc.
  • Use software for data analysis, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Obtain and review offers and quotes provided by subcontractors or vendors
  • Create and submit estimate reports or bids
  • Provide consultation on all aspects of job planning, including schedules, staffing, etc.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Proven experience as an estimator or similar position
  • Practical experience with financial and project management principals
  • Experience with research and data analysis methods in estimation formulas
  • Competent in reading and understanding technical drawings to create price elements
  • Proficiency with role-relevant software
  • Strong mathematical understanding with an analytical mindset
  • Outstanding communication, price negotiation, and cost-saving abilities
  • Exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills

Education and Experience:

BSc/BA in engineering, construction science, or a relevant discipline and at least 4 years of experience. A Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) and experience working with a bid team is preferred.

Head over to the Careers page to apply.

Casie Beam, Administrative Assistant at Clark Building Technologies

Casie Beam

Administrative Assistant

In a growing small business, having a versatile administrative assistant is imperative, and CLARK is grateful to have Casie Beam in this role! Previously working as a manager at TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Casie is excited to use her bachelor’s degree in Business Management to help in the administrative side of our at CLARK. She already loves working with the great team we have at CLARK and enjoys the unique challenges presented each day.

In her free time, Casie likes to be outdoors with her four kids and her husband, David, enjoying walks and bike rides while spending her quiet time reading and watching HGTV. The family has four goldfish named Winter, Orange, Drizzle, and Shimmer.

A fun fact about Casie is that she has a twin sister named Amy. Don’t worry about confusing them, though, Casie says they have opposite physical features!

Corie Branch, Advanced Support Technician at Clark Building Technologies

Corie Branch

Advanced Support Tech

After a decades-long career, Corie Branch joined the CLARK team as an Advanced Support Technician. Having held several notable positions, including being an IT manager for Chase Brexton in Baltimore and for ITT, during which he managed the IT work for multiple buildings and up to 200 people, Corie brings a great deal of expertise with him. Corie’s experience troubleshooting server and network issues and complex computer problems helps us to provide greater value to our clients.

Corie earned an Associate’s Degree in business from LaGuardia Community College and holds current A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications. After learning business in college, he moved to the music industry, where he discovered his love for technology.  His favorite part of the IT field is continually challenging his problem-solving skills and finding innovative solutions for his clients!

Corie has been happily married for 30 years to his wife, Debbie, and they have two children together. Their family also has two rescued bunnies (Chowder and Diego) and a cat named Lilly. In his free time, Corie likes to watch anime, play video games with his kids, and work with servers by testing and performing work on them. A technology playground, in his home Corie has 9 servers, 6 laptops, and 4 desktops, not including the devices Deb and the kids have!

Joe Boring

Lead AV Technician

Coming soon.

Tony Woolfolk

Lead Service Technician

Coming soon.

CJ Snider

Senior Technician

Coming soon.

John Eisel

Senior Cabling Technician

Coming soon.

Robert (RJ) Hall, Cabling Technician at Clark Building Technologies

Robert (RJ) Hall

Cabling Technician

Excited for this opportunity to learn about cabling and work with the CLARK team, before coming to us, RJ worked as a departmental manager at Costco. In addition to the benefits of working with our experienced cabling team, he enjoys traveling around the DMV area for jobs and working in different buildings.

RJ loves spending time with his wife, Lexy, and his two sons outside of work, and in his free time, he likes to hunt, fish, and just be outdoors. A fun fact about RJ is that he has a beloved Great Dane named Daisy.

Jesse Martin, Cabling Technician at Clark Building Technologies

Jesse Martin

Cabling Technician

Joining the CLARK cabling team is Jesse Martin, a current college student new to the tech field. Jesse is studying Computer Information Systems virtually through Pennwest California. Though he formerly worked in the construction field as a mason, he is excited to get to use his passion for technology and tinkering with electronics.

In his free time, Jesse likes to go to the gym and lift weights. He also likes to play video games, spend time with friends and family, and snowboard. He has a prim and proper cat titled Jean Claude Von Whiskers, but you can just call him Whiskers. A fun fact about Jesse is that he loves random facts. One of his favorites is that Bluetooth’s namesake is a historic Nordic king with very poor dental health.

Troy Bender, Cabling Technician at Clark Building Technologies

Troy Bender

Cabling Technician

An experienced wiring and cabling technician, Troy Bender is part of CLARK’s Structured Cabling Services team. After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science Hardware from Accutech, Troy dabbled in various fields, including construction, facilities management, brick foreman, and pawnbroker, before leaping into the tech world. His favorite part of working in structured cabling and data wiring is getting to facilitate the sharing of information that networking provides.

In his free time, Troy loves spending time with his son, who works as a computer programmer in the tech field. He also enjoys working on cars and everything outdoors, including fishing, hunting, and gardening. Although he loses often, Troy makes time to play video games with his son. If that weren’t enough, Troy practically has a zoo at home with three cats, two dogs, two chickens, and a duck.

A fun fact about Troy is that as a pawn broker, he had to become a certified gemologist!

Damian Savage

Cabling Technician

Coming soon.

Josh Wright

Cabling Technician

Coming soon

Chris Hall

Junior Cabling Technician

Coming soon.

Lee Janes, President of Clark Computer Services

Lee Janes

Clark Computer Services

Opportunities strike when you least expect it. While working for a labor union in Washington, D.C., my life was changed forever when the big boss of my department suggested that I go back to school to become an IT Technician. At the time, they preferred promoting from within and had people scheduled to be retiring. In addition, I was told if I did well in school, my tuition would be covered. Growing up I had to earn everything I wanted, learning the value of hard work, so I grabbed that brass ring and never looked back. Much later, while managing a group of technicians I met Darren Clark, and opportunity struck again. In him I saw someone dedicated to building a top-notch organization with a reputation for excellence in every area. When he explained that he saw those same qualities in me and offered me a position, I stepped up and took it.

Moving from the the role of Vice President of Sales to taking over as President of Clark Computer Services, I’ll be able to bring the experience I’ve gained to lead our great organization as we continue to grow and expand.

We always treat your IT systems as if they are our own and show that we can be counted on to deliver honest, friendly, prompt, and professional support.

Chuck Sperati, Director of Cybersecurity and Marketing at Clark Computer Services

Chuck Sperati

Director of
Cybersecurity & Marketing

Between government contracts, Chuck came to CLARK in September of 2019, looking for a temporary technician position. After a long conversation with Darren, discussing company values, culture, and a desire for growth, something more permanent happened. Bringing three decades of experience in Information Technology, working as a technician, trainer, technical writer, and manager, gaining a great deal of experience with cybersecurity and compliance, Chuck accepted a position as Director of Cybersecurity. But in a small business, one has to wear many hats. With years of experience in website design, graphic design, and marketing as an independent author, he also took the role of Director of Marketing, building a series of new services for us to offer.

A fun fact about Chuck: Growing up in Northeast Ohio, his Grandfather taught him how to fix things and to never be afraid to jump in and get his hands dirty. To this day, when something needs doing, he channels his inner Harry Hulewat (Grandpa), rolls up his sleeves, and gets it done. We know that wherever Harry is, he’s proud.

Kevin Driscoll, Accounting Manger at Clark Computer Services

Kevin Driscoll

Accounting Manager

After a 26-year career as an operations and financial manager for a wholesale seafood company, Kevin Driscoll is excited to join the CLARK team as the Accounting Manager for Clark Computer Services. With his experience in day-to-day operations, accounts payables and receivables, collections, and HR, he will be a perfect fit as we continue to grow and expand. Kevin, who is certified in Quickbooks and Sage, is looking forward to being a part of the ever-advancing technology industry.

In his free time, Kevin likes to be with his wife, Crista, his two children, and his golden retriever-GSD mix, Zola. He also likes to cook gourmet meals for his family. His favorite meal to make is Sea Scallops.

A fun fact about Kevin is that he is a member of MENSA, the high-IQ society!

Coming Soon

Director of Sales
Renuka Kulkarni, Service Delivery Manger at Clark Computer Services

Renuka Kulkarni

Service Delivery Manager

In her role as Service Delivery Manager, Renuka helps to manage the IT team and bring the best results to the stars of CLARK – our wonderful clients. Previously, Renuka worked at Obsidian Planning Solutions in Rockville as the Client Success Partner, also serving a similar role at Hildebrand, Limparis & Associates as the Client Service Advocate. Additionally, Renuka holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Syracuse University.

In her free time, Renuka likes to explore hiking trails in Frederick with her fiancé and her two miniature schnauzers, Winn and Daisy. Renuka also likes spending time with family and friends, reading, attending live music events, and going to wineries.

A fun fact about Renuka is that her parents are from India, so she is a first-generation American! Because of this, Renuka was raised multi-lingual and knows English, Spanish, Hindi, and Marathi.

Ashley Gurrie, Lead Engineer at Clark Computer Services

Ashley Gurrie

Lead Engineer

Clark is excited to have our Lead Engineer, Ashley Gurrie. After successfully running his own business for 8 years, Ashley has decided to partner his business, 34Blast, with Clark Computer Services. Ashley has spent his entire professional life working in the Tech field. He went to school for Computer Engineering before landing his first job in an IT department of a manufacturing company.

In his free time, Ashley enjoys riding his motorcycle with several of his friends. He also enjoys working on home projects. Ashley has 2 kids, Cooper and Brodie, and a lovely wife Dani. They are joined by their neurotic golden retriever mix, “Cali” (short for California. A fun fact about Ashley is that he is from Melbourne, Australia, but moved to the US in September 2007.

Kenny Ton, Operations Coordinator at Clark Computer Services

Kenny Ton

Operations Coordinator

Coming soon.

Steve Combs, Maintenance Manager at Clark Computer Services

Steve Combs

Maintenance Manager

Steve has been in the IT field since 1996, where he started a job delivering computers for a managed service provider. He quickly worked his way up to running the service department of the MSP, where his clients list included the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles. Later, he began working as a network engineer until 2002, when he started his own business, In-Home-Tek. He successfully ran In-Home-Tek before deciding to sell the business to CLARK in 2016. After a brief retirement, Steve began working for CLARK full time in 2017.

In his free time, Steve is building an off-grid homestead in Dexter, Maine, where he hopes to raise goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. He also is working on growing a food forest on his property in Maine.

Shawn Lewis, Backup Manager at Clark Computer Services

Shawn Lewis

Backup Manager
While she does has an extensive range of skills, Shawn Lewis is our go-to in the office for hardware repairs and replacements. Continually bringing CLARK raving reviews, our customers tell us that she’s great to work with, professional and friendly, quick to respond, and very transparent.
In her free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, and their two cats and dog. They all enjoy game nights playing Uno! Shawn tries to impart her tech wisdom to her boys and likes to teach them about computer hardware. Outside of all that, she likes to bargain hunt, tinker, and go hiking when she has the time.
Raquel Morales, Sales Support Assistant at Clark Computer Services

Raquel Morales

Sales Support Assistant
Raquel Morales is our amazing office Manager. Those of you that have chatted on the phone with her have experienced her friendliness and kindness first hand—she truly epitomizes the customer-first attitude we strive for here at CLARK. Diligently handling all of the day-to-day tasks needed to make our office run is what allows our amazing team of technicians to run smoothly, and Raquel excels at her job.
Raquel’s favorite part of working at CLARK is being a part of a small business. Believing that our team feels like a small family, she loves that we all take care of and help each other. In her free time, Raquel loves spending time with her wife and her 4 little dogs—three Pomeranians (Stinky, Bender, and Ducky) and 1 Yorkie (Nibbler). What you may not know about Raquel is that she is a BIG college football fan and follows the Miami Hurricanes.
Caleb Loy, Advanced Support Technician at Clark Computer Services

Caleb Loy

Advanaced Support Tech

Having been with CLARK since 2019, Caleb’s favorite part of being a technician is getting to meet a wide variety of people every day. Our clients tell us that Caleb is patient, professional, and knowledgeable. At home, Caleb enjoys spending time with his wife, Abby, and their two cats: a lykoi named Raff and a nebelung named Bo. Among his many hobbies, Caleb loves to play video games, cook, play guitar and bass, and watch anime. A fun fact about him is that he has broken around 80 bones in his body!

Regis Gamble, Advanced Support Technician at Clark Computer Services

Regis Gamble

Advanced Support Tech

Coming soon.

Stuart Daily, Senior IT Technician at Clark Computer Services

Stuart Daily

Senior IT Technician
Our clients love working with Stuart and have told us that he is “very knowledgeable,” “accommodating,” and “takes care of problems quickly.” Stuart’s favorite part of working for CLARK is getting to fix problems and help our clients.
In his free time, Stuart enjoys spending time with his wife, four kids, and a Rottweiler named Angel. He also enjoys collecting and repairing video arcade games. His favorite is a Tempest machine.
Timothy Allgaier, IT Technician at Clark Computer Services

Timothy Allgaier

IT Technician
Always cheerful and willing to jump in to help, Tim started with CLARK last year at this time and has been a positive addition to the team. Our clients love Tim, giving him raving reviews like:
“Tim listened carefully to my problems. Then he worked on my iPad a few minutes; used his phone to verify that he had solved my problems; and in less than a half-hour, it worked perfectly.”
In his free time, Tim enjoys running and spending time with his wife, Melissa, and his two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Ace and Queen. Among his favorite things to do outside of work is expressing his creative side through photography. A fun fact about Tim is that he played the drums competitively in his high school drumline.
Brandon Nishan, IT Technician at Clark Computer Services.

Brandon Nishan

IT Technician

Brandon Nishan joined CLARK as an IT Technician. With a decade-long tenure at Herrick Technology Labs in Germantown as a Senior System Administrator, Brandon brings valuable expertise to our team, and his passion for technology and strong work ethic make him an incredible asset. Beyond his professional experience, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Philosophy from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their three-year-old son, keeping up with the latest tech advancements, and showcasing his musical talents by playing the piano. CLARK is proud to have Brandon as part of our team, leveraging his expertise and passion to deliver responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly IT solutions.

Some fun facts about Brandon are that he served as a Lego robotics camp instructor for a summer, has studied Latin for several years, and can interpret and read Latin text.

Isaac Warner, Residential IT Technician at Clark Computer Services

Isaac Warner

Residential IT Technician

Isaac Warner joined CLARK as a Junior Technician and works with our residential clients. Currently, he is enrolled in HCC and will be graduating with his Associate’s Degree in Network Administration in May 2023. His favorite class so far has been digital forensics!

In his free time, Isaac likes to hang out with his fiancé, Johanna, and his friends. He also likes to play video games, specifically League of Legends and Escape from Tarkob.

A fun fact about Isaac was that he was homeschooled as a kid and enjoyed the lenient schedule that this gave him!

Sydney Clark, Director of Website Services and Hagerstown Branch Manager at Clark Website Services

Sydney Clark

Director of Website Services
Hagerstown Branch Manager

Sydney joined CLARK in 2021, although she has technically been a part of the team since the company started. She is the daughter of the owner, Darren, and has always pitched in where she could help. Sydney went to Hollins University to earn her B.A. in Applied Economics and Business Finance and after worked for a research firm in Richmond, VA.

In her free time, Sydney enjoys being involved in the community of Hagerstown. She is a board member of the local Kiwanis chapter and on the executive Committee for Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s young professionals club, GenNext. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys running and spending time with her partner, Joe, her two cats (Hank and Naya), and her Husky mix (Mickey).

Chuck Sperati, Web Designer at Clark Website Services

Chuck Sperati

Web Designer

No it's not a mistake that you're seeing Chuck again in Website Services. In addition to serving as the Director of Cybersecurity and Marketing, Chuck had been handling the website design and maintenance while we built up enough business to expand it into its own service.

Chuck learned web design through a mentorship while building out his personal author website, Writing Distracted - A Place for Things that Crawl Out of My Imagination, to display his published work. He enjoys spending time creating images and content, yet another in the many ways he procrastinates the writing process.

Anna Letaw, Web Designer at Clark Website Services

Anna Letaw

Web Designer

Clark Computer Service’s Website Developer, Anna Letaw, is a fantastic addition to the CLARK team. Prior to working for CLARK, she was a volunteer teacher for over a decade. During this time, she was given the opportunity to create a curriculum and teach an introductory electronics course for 5th graders. Anna then attended the University of Maryland’s Global Campus and got her B.S. in Digital Media and Web Technology. Her favorite part of working at CLARK is being able to put together everything she learned in her courses.

Anna has a growing family, with a husband, daughter, son, and granddaughter, as well as a naughty cat named Femto. In her free time, Anna likes to be outside gardening, birding, and photographing insects.

A fun fact about Anna is that she is a sailor at heart! She used to live on a boat, performed yacht maintenance, and even nearly got her captain’s license.

Coming Soon

Digital Marketer

Apply for this job on the Careers page.

Division: Clark Website Services
Reports to:  Sydney Clark
Work Type:  Full-Time
Salary Range:  $40,000-$52,000
Effective Date:  Immediate Opening

Job Summary:

Our company is looking for a Social Media Coordinator to manage the online presence of Clark Computer Services and its clients. The person in this role will oversee our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our clients, conduct market research, and develop multi-platform social media marketing campaigns. Our ideal applicant has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing and 1-2 years of content creation experience, preferably in blogging, graphic design, or videography, and is skilled with Adobe Photoshop and other design programs.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Develop social media guidelines for brands
  • Maintain a posting calendar
  • Cultivate engagement with followers and social media users
  • Grow online brands through a multi-platform campaign
  • Assess progress with tools like Google Analytic
  • Research audience preferences and discover current trends
  • Measure web traffic and monitor SEO

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Experience with content creation and search engine optimization
  • Familiarity with social media best practices
  • Strong analytical, writing, and organizational skills
  • Creativity and technical aptitude
  • 1-2 years with social media marketing or content development
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud

Education and Experience:

A bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, communications, or related field is required. At least 1-2 years of experience with social media marketing or content development is strongly preferred.

Apply for this job on the Clark Computer Services Careers page.



Customers all over the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area give Clark Building Technologies 5-Star Reviews!  Is it our Responsive service? Professional attitude? Friendly technicians? All of the above! CLARK was founded on a straightforward concept – Customer Service is our Highest Priority.
We provide white glove service to every customer every time, and you can see it in our reviews!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say about Clark Building Technologies!

Tommy W
Tommy W
Read More
We recently hired Clark install data cabling for a brand new 15,000sf office and it is the neatest/cleanest low voltage install we've ever seen. Their crew did a fantastic job and were extremely professional throughout the entire experience. We’ll definitely be calling them for any future IT needs.
Justin Brady
Justin Brady
Read More
I've been working with a few folks from Clark for almost 15 years for all my cabling needs. I've never used anyone else as the service they provide is excellent. I highly recommend them!
Anjel Scarborough
Anjel Scarborough
Read More
Always prompt and always knowledgeable. Clark does things right the first time!